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Non-slip Safety Coating for Your Boat or Ship
Slip Prevention, Rust Prevention, Stands up to Water and Sun!

Durabak™... It lets you walk on water!
Our specially formulated polyurethane non-skid protective coating offers excellent slip and fall protection while it protects your boat and marine surfaces against rust & other damage. Durabak™ gives you excellent traction on wet surfaces and resists salt water, fuel and chemical damage. This unique formulation has resilient, specially treated rubber granules self-contained in a totally flexible polyurethane base resulting in the "give" & "comfort" that no other non-slip coating offers. That's why it works better than any other product on the market!

is a one part formulation... no mixing, quick drying Just "coating it on" with a roller... it bonds to metals, wood, fiberglass, concrete... you get the picture, it has hundreds of uses!

Use our Metal etch primer for aluminum boats. (1 quart to 1 gallon of Durabak)

  • Boat deck or ramp still looks good, regardless of crew and cargo wear.
  • Gives professional look and finish to small watercraft as well as large
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Works on all kinds of marine surfaces from boat and ship decks to docks, bridges, chain lockers, metal steps, fishing boats, ferries, and cruise ships
  • Comfort -- flexible rubber granules contained in the formulation result in "give" & "comfort" no other non-slip coating offers
  • Slip Prevention, Rust Prevention, Stands up to Water and Sun!
  • Water damage resistant –both fresh- and salt-water
  • Resistant to fuels and chemicals
  • Use it on shore as well, to make docks and walkways safe.
  • Traction while wet doesn’t let you down, regardless of temperature (-60º to 254º F)
  • Eliminate hazard of routine deck-washing
  • Resistant to abrasion and salt-water damage.


Practical Sailor selected Durabak nonskid paint as a 2012 Editor’s Choice product.

The designation is awarded to products featured in Practical Sailor between September 2011 and August 2012 that the editors believe represent outstanding quality and value. For more than 30 years, the magazine has been regarded by serious sailors and DIY boat owners for its unbiased evaluations of sailing products and related services. Practical Sailor is a subscription-supported magazine that accepts no advertising.

In the January and July 2012 issues, they reviewed 12 products that enable boat owners to put some stick back into a slip-and-slide deck. Topping the field of nonskid paints was Durabak, a tough, flexible polyurethane coating that is pre-mixed with specially treated rubber granules. The coarse-aggregate paint led the pack among paints and additives in our resistance and traction tests. It was a little rough on knees, but the hard polyurethane will likely endure many years of service. (After one year on our test boat, it’s still holding up well.) It was easy to clean and even easier to apply—just mix and roll on—and achieving a uniform grit was effortless. Durabak is a hard coating with many color choices and above average traction at an affordable price ($120-$140 per gallon)—a combo deserving of a 2012 Editors’ Choice pick.

Letter to The Durabak™ Company:


Castine, Maine 04420
(207) 326-4311

15 November 2000

Durabak™ Coating Company,

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the results of the Durabak™ application on the boat. As you know R/V Argo Maine has been "rode hard and put up wet" for years. When I came on board she was in rough shape and showing her age. Not ideal treatment for a 32 year old steel vessel. One of the biggest maintenance headaches has always been the deck. Constantly wet, with heavy objects routinely dragged across it; a hard chance just to keep coatings on the surface. Combine this with a variety of coating systems used previously, and a less than perfect surface preparation and you begin to see the extent of the problem. Enter Harry Stevens and the tug Pentagoet.

The tug is not nearly as old and better built with an excellent record of maintenance thanks to the work of Harry Stevens and Capt. Tim Leach. They have been using Durabak™ for years and were big fans. A good durable non-skid surface is crucial to safe operation of the tug which is used for training students in tug and barge ops in all weather, year-round with the academy's barge Cleanwater 21, a 240', 25000 bbl barge in ballast. The surface of the epoxy products proved to be too aggressive for line handling and too brittle for adequate impact resistance needed when handling heavy towing gear. During the winter in snow and ice it did not provide good non-skid performance. With a training vessel it became very much a safety concern.

Harry ended up applying Durabak™ and the problem was solved. He convinced me to do the same on the Argo 3 years ago.

We drag 2 and 3 thousand pound moorings across this surface, heavy shackles fall from 6-8 feet, and fishing gear including scallop drags and heavy groundfish gear are constantly dragged across this deck. To add insult to injury we daily wash down with a 1 1/2" saltwater line. When in operation mode which is nearly non-stop throughout the spring, summer and fall, maintenance of coatings is impossible. Durabak™ has stood up to the abuse for the last 3 years. I've recoated once for cosmetic purposes only. The decks look great and the boat has come a long way from what she looked like 4 years ago. The one dividend that I didn't expect was the added comfort which still amazes me; not only is the surface a great non-skid, but there is a certain give to the surface from the rubber in the product. This can make a huge difference in crew fatigue during long spells on the working deck. I found this hard to believe initially given the thickness of the coating but I've talked to others who have had the same experience.

I'd recommend Durabak™ to anyone who works on the water and wants to spend more time working and less time maintaining. Thanks for your product and your help.

With regards,

John Steer
Chief Mate
R/V Argo Maine
Maine Maritime Academy  

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