DurabakIncludes - 1 gallon of Durabak coating (approx. 60 sq. ft. of coverage or 1 6ft pickup bed) & application instructions, and 2 FREE special 4" roller covers.

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 Durabak Polyurethane Paint

Colors will look different depending on your computer. To see an actual Durabak sample chip click here - FREE Color chip!

Military Olive Drab Textured Polyurethane Paint on Bed Liner with UV Protection

Military Olive Drab

4x4 Truck w/ Scratch Resistant Exterior Paint Solid Green Camouflage

solid green camouflage bed liner paint
Olive Drab is a very popular color for scratch guard coating an entire vehicle to give it that Military Green look. Jeep and 4x4 forums are full of posts about Olive Drab Durabak, olive drab green bed liner, and many other terms for this popular green color.

Other shades of textured green include Forest Green.
Military Olive Green and Forest Green are also available as smooth, without texture.