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Truck Bed Liner

Don't be fooled by imitation Durabak re-sellers.
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One product does it all!
Tough, light weight, hi-tech
polyurethane bed liner and coating.
protects inside, outside and underneath.

Do it yourself and save!
Easy to apply:
Brush, roll-on or spray.
Use it everywhere.

Truck Bed Liners

Durabak™... a "do-it-yourself" polyurethane truck bed liner in a can. Brush, roll or spray on. Use it everywhere! It protects inside, outside and underneath against rocks, rust, scrapes, dings and loads of cargo.Durabak™ is waterproof, flexible, sound dampening, chemical and UV resistant. Will not flake or peel. It's special texture also offers excellent anti-slip protection and Durabak™can be built up to any thickness!


It's easy to use! Just open the can and apply. Nothing else to mix in. This special user friendly formula can be applied by just about anyone! Durabak™ also comes in a variety of colors such as: black, grey, green, red, blue, white, yellow and more. You can apply Durabak™ then drive your protected vehicle the same day. And it's easy to maintain with soap and water.

Plastic liners can result in rusted out vehicles. Spray on liners are inconvenient and cost an arm and a leg. But Durabak™ gives you excellent polyurethane protection, choice of colors, and at considerable $avings. Protect your vehicle and preserve its value with Durabak™. Do-it-yourself and save...Durabak™ it!


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Truck Bed Liner And Non Slip Coating

Jeep scratch guardDurabak is a non-skid and protective truck bed liner. It bonds to most surfaces, such as metals, wood, concrete, rubber, fiberglass, sound coatinged surfaces, etc. It also bonds to itself making it repairable. It usesrecycled tires as its grit and it is very tough, resilient and durable. It is waterproof, totally flexible, chemical and UV resistant. Durabak dries quickly to minimize downtime and can be used both indoors and outdoors "Durabak can be either aliphatic or aromatic".

Durabak is a single component, moisture cured, elastomeric polyurethane. There is no mixing of other components so there is no room for error. It is extremely user friendly and can be applied by just about anyone, but the result will be an industrial grade coating.

One gallon will do a six foot pick-up bed or a Jeep tub. A long-bed truck will take approximately one gallon, plus one or two additional quarts.


Durabak comes in a variety of colors, has a very attractive appearance, and is very easy to maintain once applied. Many users call Durabak unique and Brown and Root Inc. says, "Its durability, adhesion and non-skid characteristics are particularly noteworthy. It is, indeed, a worthy competitor in the coatings industry. Following extensive testing, we feel no single product on the market offers these characteristics with such versatility."

No single product can be so easily applied to so many different surfaces, for so many different uses... from a truck bed to a ship or boat... from a shower area or swimming pool to a water treatment facility or refinery... from a loading dock to stadium steps or ramps... from a secondary containment area to a roof top... from a kitchen area to helicopter pads or bridges etc..

Non-Slip Coating For Industrial Use: Factories, Warehouses, Heavy Equipment Garages, Airport Hangars, Helicopter Pads and more! When safety and durability count - Count on Durabak™ (View list of other applications)

Durabak™ is a specially formulated polyurethane slip-resistant concrete floor coating, truck bed liner, marine deck and safety coating. It is a dynamic, durable and user-friendly floor coating and coating that offers excellent slip and fall protection while at the same time protecting the surface from damage. Durabak™ has been applied by thousands of non professionals to multitudes of different substrates, concrete, wood, metals, with phenomenal results. You get the picture... Durabak™ floor coating has thousands of uses! It is easily installed by brush, roller or spray and when applied to a properly prepared surface this unique one-part polyurethane formulation results in the safety, comfort and toughness that no other coating offers; and at considerable $avings.

Now...companies, governmental institutions, all employers can easily avoid the cost of work time lost, paperwork of insurance claims and pain of injuries associated with work related slip and fall accidents with a simple brush stroke. The specially treated rubber granules that are contained in the many colors of Durabak™ will provide safety in the workplace; any workplace!